Visa Authority

Welcome to Visa Authority.  You were probably referred to us via our Facebook outreach groups and expat forums.  Here’s where you can find out more about us.

Visa Authority Ltd is a UK-based Visa and Immigration Consulting firm.  We provide clear, unbiased visa and immigration application services for a variety of challenging destinations for travellers, including:

  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Sri Lanka
  • China

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We also provide consulting services through our referral networks with registered agents for migrants to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

What we do

We offer services primarily to those wishing to apply for work, business, migration or retirement visas to our supported destinations.

However, we are also able to provide a variety of services for travellers, particularly groups, to allow for a smooth application process.

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Our UK-based staff has global legal experience, and are able to ensure a successful application for our clients, even in complex situations.

Contact us on 0330 223 1158 or directly via our website for an immediate quote.

Our service start at $39 USD per hour, plus any applicable government charges incurred during the processing of your application.

We employ experienced visa and immigration agents to assist with visa applications. Our services include application pre-assessment, lodgement, and support, as well as support should any issues arise in conjunction with your application.

Visa Authority Ltd is not a part of any government agency. It is a private company which acts as a migration consultancy and agency. You will be charged a fee for our services.

We provide the following services for travellers to the following countries:


We assist migrants in obtaining business, migration or travel e-visas to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Bahrain (coming soon)

We assist business travellers in obtaining visas to undertake work in Bahrain.

Sri Lanka (coming soon)

We assist travellers and workers travelling to Sri Lanka to obtain travel/tourist visas, business long-stay visas, or long term residence.

Interested in travel, work, or migration (for professional purposes) to one of our supported destinations?  Book a consultation with one of our advisors who can assist you with the documentation required and the overall process.

Our fees for consultation and assistance start at just $39 USD per hour.