About us

Visa application experts.

Visa Authority Ltd is a UK-based visa and immigration agency and consulting company that specialise in obtaining travel and work visas for visitors to a variety of international destinations.

Our staff are experts in their field of providing visa pre-application assessment, application assistance and post-application support.

For Business and Working Visas

Upon completion of our on line assessment, one of our agents will contact you within six working days to discuss your application case and if we are able to assist.

There is no set fee for our servers, and any initial consultation is free of charge.  However, should you choose us to undertake any visa application on your behalf, a fee may apply.

Services are inclusive of all the above.

Although fees vary, a typical business visa application will cost approximately $300 USD in addition to Cambodian Government fees.

Our fees start at $39 USD per hour.

  • Multi-lingual support staff.
  • 24-hour visa information and question answering service from trained visa agents.
  • Free re-processing in the event of an error.
  • Refund if visa is refused for any reason.
  • Superior up-time to the Cambodian Ministry processing site
  • Visa agency services to represent your interests should your application be referred or refused.
  • Automatic postponement service if your travel date is too far in the future.
  • EU Data Protection Act compliance.
  • Clear visa application forms with annotation where required.
  • Application corrections and error checks by visa agency staff.